DSGN Kartell is a company based in Brisbane with a global design network. We are a family of architects + designers + innovators + educators + artists + tradies. Basically, a bunch of cool creatives with passion and a vision for a more balanced world.

As a team of professionals, we realised that in order to conquer the complex challenges of our and future generations we have to collaborate, share resources and learn from each other.



By bringing together creatives from diverse backgrounds, we provide innovative solutions to current and future challenges. There is no “copy and paste” or “BAU” (business as usual) approach with us.

We are looking for challenges to further educate ourselves, to grow on the projects and treat each project individually and without per-conceptions. Why? Simply because we are crazy enough to believe that things need to be done differently and we don`t believe in a “one fits all” solution.


Our goal is simple – we like to make the world a better and more fair place by using the powers of design, innovation and education. We believe that by bringing together innovative ideas from various fields, we will provide solutions addressing the (environmental) challenges our society faces.

We are realistic enough to know that we won`t get it right from the start, but we know we will improve the built environment one project at a time. So let´s start today!



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