DSGN Kartell is making independent green building education available to anyone, anytime and anywhere. By providing easy access to useful skills and knowledge, we are closing the existing gap between trade and design and help to improve the built environment.


Face to Face

Ever heard of liquid wood, an acoustic camera or textile glass? We realized what is contemporary and normal to us, is mind blowing and rather new for most others. So, we decided to share our knowledge by:

1) Creating independent online education for the green building and design industry (certified diplomas, CPD’s and free courses) using our awarded e-learning portal

2) Running “face to face” events (hands on workshops, creative coaching sessions, socializing nights, public talks etc.)

We love to inspire people on how to create a more sustainable lifestyle and to challenge the existing. So. whether you like to book us as a speaker, create your own online course, set up your own branded e-learning platform, use our online CPD presentations or anything else related to sustainable/green education – don’t wait and contact us today to start the conversation.

To check out our current online courses and to enroll, simply click here and create a login.