DSGN Kartell is an open network of creative collaborators with passion and a vision for a more balanced world. Operating out of Brisbane and Palawan, we collaborate, learn from each other and share our resources to conquer the complex challenges life throws at us.


At DSGNK we love what we do and our mission is simple – we like to make the world a better and fairer place by using the powers of design, innovation and education. Therefore, we run our Kartell as a social enterprise. This means, we are committing a certain amount of time or a percentage of our annual profits into social / community projects.

At DSGNK we treat sustainability as the norm, not as add on. Hence, designing in balance with humanity and its natural environment is a given for us. Why? Simply, because we believe that we have to design and build differently to address our current and future challenges.

At DSGNK we love and promote self-determined collaborative work in its true sense, because we don’t believe in the employer / employee model. We are interested in challenges and treat each project without pre-conception, which means no “copy and paste”, “one fits all” or “BAU” (business as usual) with us.

If you like what you read here and you can identify with the above, we like to hear from you.


Ronny was born in former East Germany and describes himself as a world citizen and creative superhero. Grown up where “sustainability” was a necessity to survive, he developed a broad skill set and a very creative mind. Architekt, product designer, sustainability advocate, businessman, photographer – Ronny is wearing many hats (literally).

He is the founder of DSGN kartell as well as a co-founder and sustainable design consultant for the Green Building Institute Australia(GBI), where him and the GBI team claimed the “Innovation of the Year” at the 2016 Sustainability Awards, for creating world’s first green online college. As his very latest business endavour Ronny co-founded biolastics, a company set up to transform today’s plastic industry into a sustainable domain by using bioplastics made from renewable raw material.

Ronny is one of the few young designers who intuitively and holistically designs with environmental principles and knowledge resulting in innovative solutions. His design projects have won awards in innovation and sustainable design and he has been published in journals from Australia to Africa. Ronny is also a member of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps, educating people on the impacts and consequences of climate change, providing solutions with focus on the built environment.

DSGNK 2014 Winner Innovation Sustainable Small House Design Competition
DSGNK 2015 Winner People's Choice Sustainable Small House Design Competition
DSGNK 2016 Winner Innovation Of The Year Sustainability Awards
DSGNK 2017 Winner People's Choice Build It Local Design Competition