DSGNK´s very own creative superhero presented his latest public talk for the first time at the Green Building and Homeware exhibition in Melbourne. The talk which is addressed to everyone having a roof above his or her`s head living on planet earth, is inspired by his recent Climate Reality Leadership training in Manila earlier this year. Ronny says that he likes to inspire the audience towards a new living and building culture centered around the human being and his interaction with nature. He aims for a rather radical change based on the fact that while life around us changes with rapid speed, living and housing is stuck in what feels like the first half of the last century. Our planet and climate is going crazy and we are already facing ecological challenges around the globe never seen before. How do we react to all of it? Well, we basically continue to design and build the same way – business as usual! The thing is, the way we live and the way we build just don´t match anymore.

Ronny doesn´t claim to have all the solutions to the challenges we are facing, but he showed how each one of us can change our individual approach on the topic. In fact, he showed why we have to change and that it is not a matter of getting it right, but rather making the first step.

Are you interested in hearing Ronny´s talk? Contact us here for a free presentation.


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Ronny was born in former East Germany and describes himself as a world citizen and creative superhero. He is the founder of DSGN Kartell as well as a director for the Green Building Institute Australia. Grown up where “sustainability” was a necessity to survive, he developed a broad skill set and a very creative mind. Home & product designer, sustainability advocate, businessman, photographer – Ronny is wearing many hats (literally).

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